About Us

  • Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority

Created by the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism and the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority, the Hawaii Green Energy Market Securitization (GEMS) Program is bringing clean energy technologies to Hawaii ratepayers, including those who are underserved, by providing innovative financing products that result in electricity bill savings for customers with no money down.  The GEMS Program is intended to create a sustainable financing structure through market driven public-private partnerships that will open access to financing for more Hawaii customers and democratize access to clean energy.

To address the need for significant investment in clean energy technologies to achieve Hawaii’s clean energy goals, and to identify innovative ways to increase access to clean energy, the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority was created by Act 211, Session Laws of Hawaii 2013.  The legislation garnered broad support across the community, including from many legislators, other State agencies, clean energy financing advocates, local and national environmental groups, community organizations, energy companies, labor unions, and business organization.