Eligible PV Projects Include:

  • All approved Interconnections
  • System Monitoring equipment w/data access capability
  • Expected production from system cannot exceed 100% of historical usage
  • Must show a 10% savings
  • Installed costs not to exceed $4.50 per watt
  • Panels & Inverters must have 20 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10 year workmanship warranty

Why is GEMS Good for Solar Contractors?

The most successful solar contractors all have one major thing in common, they offer financing with every sale. Solar installations can be expensive and customers need financing solutions that can help make their projects more affordable. With that in mind, the GEMS Financing Program has you covered. Through GEMS, your residential and commercial non-profit customers can finance up to 100% of their solar installations. Enroll today to gain access to this powerful financing resource that can help increase your sales, gain access to new customers and differentiate you company from your competition.

While all GEMS approved contractors have been screened, the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority does not assume the responsibility for the contractor’s workmanship, materials, or pricing.

Resources and Forms for a GEMS Approved Contractor