Homeowners or Renters

What is GEM$?

The Green Energy Money $aver (GEM$) On-Bill Program is an innovative financing program for homeowners and renters offered exclusively by the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority that features:

How does GEM$ work?

By including the GEM$ repayment on your monthly utility bill, HGIA is able to relax its credit underwriting requirements and allow the obligation to transfer from ratepayer to ratepayer via the home’s electric utility meter.

  1. Homeowner/Renter, who is the Ratepayer (the “Applicant”), will submit a GEM$ application to HGIA (Please note, however, that property owners will also need to sign the application and program documents.)
  2. HGIA will determine the Applicant’s eligibility
  3. HGIA will determine the Project’s eligibility
  4. Upon approval and execution of program documents, the Energy Improvement is installed
  5. HGIA pays the GEMS Approved Contractor for the completed installation
  6. HGIA remits the On-Bill Obligation (OBO) information to its Loan Servicer
  7. Loan Servicer remits the OBO information to the Utility
  8. Utility remits monthly electric bill to Ratepayer with the monthly Program Charge for the OBO; Ratepayer pays the bill, including the Program Charge.
  9. Utility remits the Program Charge to HGIA

List of Approved Energy Improvements (EI):

  • Solar PV System
  • Solar Thermal Water Heater
  • Solar PV Water Heater
  • Heat Pump Water Heater

Landlords/Property Owners

The GEM$ On-Bill Program was designed to provide split incentives and innovative repayment mechanisms to increase landlord/property owner participation.

HGIA will work directly with property owners on program requirements.  Please contact us for more information.


As a homeowner, renter or landlord, you can apply online or by submitting a paper application.  Please have the following available for your application:

  1. Copy of a valid, government issued I.D.;
  2. Most recent electric utility bill;
  3. Copy of DHHL Lease, if you are a DHHL Lessee;
  4. Copy of Trust, if your property is held in Trust.

Click here to Apply Online*

* Open in Chrome if you have trouble accessing the portal.

Please note that only select contractors are able to install systems for Solar Leases.  HGIA will contact Solar Lease applicants with more information.

NOTE:  If you are not eligible for GEM$ on-bill financing program, you may still be eligible for other GEMS financing.  Please contact us for more information on our other financing programs.

To download an application, click on the applicable link below:

Complete, sign and return, along with a copy of  your most recent utility bill, a valid government issued ID card, copy of DHHL lease (if applicable) and copy of Trust Agreement(s) (if applicable) to: Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority, P. O. Box 2359, Honolulu, HI 96804.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Helpful links:

Click here for tips on selecting a solar contractor

Click here for information on how to right size your rooftop solar system

Qualifying for GEM$ is a simple 2-step process:

Step 1 – Applicant Eligibility

Step 2 – Project Eligibility


Energy Efficiency Contractor must also be a Hawaii Energy Clean Energy Ally

Renter will need landlord/property owner approval

For more information, contact an approved contractor today or contact us.

Calculate your Loan Payments

  • Input the Total Amount ($) for the cost of your installation
  • Leave Interest Rate (%) at “5.5%”
  • Leave Amortization Period (years) as “19”
  • Hit Calculate to see the amortization tables and loan payments for your installation!