Scam Alert!

Posted on Mar 2, 2023 in Main
Copy of mail sent from zip code 95813, with words "Re: Hawaii Green Infrastructure Au, Important"

The Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority (HGIA) has received a report of a possible mail scam. Borrowers have reported receiving mail sent from “RE: HAWAII GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE AU.” An instance of this mail was sent from outside of Hawaii (from Zip Code “95813”), asks the recipient to call a number with area code “866”, and states that the letter is “Not affiliated with of sponsored by any bank or lending institution.”

If you receive any communication relating to HGIA that you are not sure about, please contact our office immediately at 808-587-3868 or at [email protected].

To file a complaint about a potential scam, we recommend that you reach out to the Office of Consumer Protection under the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. To file a complaint online, please access and do the following.

1) Click on “file a complaint”
2) Click on “consumer protection complaint forms”
3) Click on “file a complaint” at the bottom
4) Click on the square box and ok
5) Begin filling the form and submit at the end