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Open Solicitation For Financing Arrangements

The Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority (“HGIA”) invites clean energy industry participants to propose transactions involving partnership with HGIA’s Green Infrastructure Loan Program (also known as “Green Energy Market Securitization” or “GEMS” Program). HGIA is interested in participating in transactions that utilize GEMS funds to further its high-impact, market-based strategy to deploy clean energy infrastructure financing that will expand access and affordability of clean energy while contributing toward Hawaii’s pursuit of its Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (“EEPS”).

Please find the of the Open Solicitation for Financing Arrangements (“OSFA”) application , including all attachments, below. Email submission of responses (i.e.,  “Proposal”) to this OSFA is required. All Proposals should be submitted to [email protected].

This OSFA will remain open, and Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis, as received. The purpose of an ongoing open solicitation process is to ensure that all potential HGIA clients and partners have an opportunity to propose transactions and financing arrangements over time as markets develop and change.

Direct communication and engagement between HGIA and respondents to this OSFA (“Proposers”) is encouraged, both before and after the submission of a Proposal. While communication is encouraged, it is not a substitute for a complete Proposal. Failure to respond to this OSFA in a complete manner by addressing all the matters described in Section 2.0 (Eligibility Requirements), Section 3.0 (Proposal Contents), and Section 4.0 (Proposal Evaluation) of the OSFA may disqualify a proposal from eligibility.

If you have questions or seek further engagement, please contact [email protected].

As this is an ongoing open solicitation, Proposers have the opportunity to revise and resubmit disqualified Proposals.

Click here for open solicitation documents.